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Editor’s Focus is the best health/medical analysis and issue-based insights by our team of professional editors, who themselves are industry practitioners. Conversations around trending public health diseases, health education curriculum, health governance and policies are illuminated for a better understanding.
Editors on the team understand that the letter of every word matter to the reader, hence are carefully chosen with the overall interest of a majority of readers.

How to Ensure Your Face Mask Is Right for your Protection.

Everywhere you turn, you can spot somebody wearing a face mask - to limit the spread of COVID-19. In many regions it is unlawful to move around in public without a face mask. Other countries simply made wearing a face mask optional. The science behind...

Digital Healthcare startups in the Nigerian Health Tech Space – A budding dream.

GUEST POST: Digital health is defined by Wikipedia as the convergence of digital technologies with health, healthcare, living, and society to enhance the efficiency of healthcare delivery. These include hardware and software solutions and services.  Hardware includes wearables like Fitbit and different types of monitors...

Why Diet Soda Is Really Bad For You

In every corner of the society, an adult is sipping or gulping a soda. Many people prefer take Diet Soda to reduce the amount of sugar consumed rather than the regular sodas. Refreshing? Yes, definitely. But healthy? No. A big resounding no.

Contents Created by Physicians Favoured by Google Algorithms.

If you are a medical or health professional, this is the best time to start developing health content for readers, viewers and followers. For medical writers, social media content creators or influencers and you-tubers, one thing is clear - the new Google Algorithm Updated in May separates medical and...