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Editor’s Focus is the best health/medical analysis and issue-based insights by our team of professional editors, who themselves are industry practitioners. Conversations around trending public health diseases, health education curriculum, health governance and policies are illuminated for a better understanding.
Editors on the team understand that the letter of every word matter to the reader, hence are carefully chosen with the overall interest of a majority of readers.

The Demands of the Nigerian Association of Resident Doctors – Real or Not?

Nigeria's health sector is sinking. It has been sinking for sometime now. Like many African countries, it is no news that Nigeria's health sector is weak and crippled, even though industry perception and a modernized ways of doing things appear to be raising hope. The most...

Digital Healthcare startups in the Nigerian Health Tech Space – A budding dream.

GUEST POST: Digital health is defined by Wikipedia as the convergence of digital technologies with health, healthcare, living, and society to enhance the efficiency of healthcare delivery. These include hardware and software solutions and services.  Hardware includes wearables like Fitbit and different types of monitors...

Epidemiological Significance of COVD19; Atiku’s Announcement.

The epidemiology of Coronavirus now called COVID19 has begun to show a pattern. It is clear that Nigeria's reported cases are mostly of people who came into the country from regions or countries where the virus has already spread, or of people who got in contact with those...

Coronavirus Inspires a new culture of Jogging in Lagos.

It is the sixth day of the lockdown and many people, young and not too young, are on the streets jogging from street to street. The lockdown is to prevent the further spread of the highly contagious Coronavirus but some Lagosians have refused to obey the lockdown. It...