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Editor’s Focus is the best health/medical analysis and issue-based insights by our team of professional editors, who themselves are industry practitioners. Conversations around trending public health diseases, health education curriculum, health governance and policies are illuminated for a better understanding.
Editors on the team understand that the letter of every word matter to the reader, hence are carefully chosen with the overall interest of a majority of readers.

On The Readiness of the Coronavirus Vaccine. The COVID-19 Tripod.

The scientific community appears to be in agreement on what must be done to defeat coronavirus. Increased testing, social/physical distancing and vaccination make up the crux of the plan, The COVID-19 Tripod. Medical experts and frontline health care workers are the enforcers of this plan in this pandemic yet...

Coronavirus Inspires a new culture of Jogging in Lagos.

It is the sixth day of the lockdown and many people, young and not too young, are on the streets jogging from street to street. The lockdown is to prevent the further spread of the highly contagious Coronavirus but some Lagosians have refused to obey the lockdown. It...

Why Diet Soda Is Really Bad For You

In every corner of the society, an adult is sipping or gulping a soda. Many people prefer take Diet Soda to reduce the amount of sugar consumed rather than the regular sodas. Refreshing? Yes, definitely. But healthy? No. A big resounding no.

Bella Disu And Folorunsho Alakija. Shining Examples in a Pandemic.

Keenly, I follow the activities of both women, more out of admiration than curiosity. Bello Disu and Folorunsho Alakija remain top in their league because of the uniqueness of their actions and their involvement in public issues. They have once again seized the moment to solidify their unblemished action...