Nigeria’s health sector is sinking. It has been sinking for sometime now.

Like many African countries, it is no news that Nigeria’s health sector is weak and crippled, even though industry perception and a modernized ways of doing things appear to be raising hope.

The most recent strike by medical doctors working in all Federal and State governments’ tertiary health institution reminds us of the systemic weakness of the sector.

The Nigerian Association of Resident Doctors NARD had embarked on indefinite strike action at a time the world is battling the deadly Corona-virus pandemic. They are demanding for a better welfare scheme for all doctors in the government hospitals and a better work environment for the good of the patients.

Their demands are simple;

1). Access to appropriate personnel protective equipment to all health care workers in all Federal and State tertiary institutions

2). Universal Domestication and implementation of MRTA in all Nigeria tertiary hospitals and eradication of pay disparity among doctors of equal cadre.

3). Immediate implementation of the revised hazard allowance and payment of the COVID-19 inducement.

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4). Failure to capture funding for Medical Residency Training under the personnel for 2021 Appropriation Bill.

5). Payment of all owed arrears and that of the consequential adjustment of minimum wage to her members and implementation of such in state tertiary health institutions.

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6). Total refund of the illegitimate, unjust and callous cut in salaries of our members by some state governments (Kaduna and Kogi) and demand immediate cessation of the salary cut.

7). Immediate stop to harassment, assault on doctors in the line of duty and demand professionalism.

8). Infrastructural rehabilitation of our tertiary health institutions.

It is our opinion at DoctorsQuarters.

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com that these demand can never be fully met. The health care system in Nigeria must be overhauled and healthcare practitioners and policy makers must be ready to do things differently.

We need to stop running in circles!!!

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  1. It is so sad that Nigeria’s health sector is weak and crippled,
    What are doctor are “clamoring” for is not bad, in fact it is their right. Nigerians are hopeful that things would change in the next few months.


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