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DoctorsQuarters.com bridges that yawning gap that characterize the health delivery system in Nigeria.

It offers indispensable, invaluable counseling services to teaming youth seeking admission into medical school and other health institutions.

We hope to create some form of a routinely updated directory for approved pharmacies located in the country. This is to reduce the burden of locating where rarely used drugs are sold.


We are to be that one-stop destination for the overall health needs of Nigerians, primarily, and the rest of the world. We hope to offer timely, interventional, appropriate, professional service that is of international standard. We hope to work with a team of qualified, dedicated health professionals to execute this. Hopefully, we would network with other hospitals for this to be achieved.



Emeka Okolo H is the Founder and Principal Writer of DoctorsQuarters.com. He edits and approves all articles sent in by dedicated contributors on this blog. I work with a team of other professionals, to bring medically sound resource for the health needs of the public.
At the moment, he is a Council-certified Medical Doctor. In the nearest future, he hopes to become Nigeria’s Leading Social Media Consultant-Doctor per Excellence.

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