In every corner of the society, an adult is sipping or gulping a soda.

Many people prefer take Diet Soda to reduce the amount of sugar consumed rather than the regular sodas.

Refreshing? Yes, definitely. But healthy? No. A big resounding no.

But it’s diet soda, right?

The idea is that diet soda contains less (or sometimes, none at all) sugar and calories, which makes it healthier. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but just because soda has less sugar doesn’t mean that it’s healthy for you.

In fact, it can still be linked with serious, life-threatening diseases. In fact, a study made just last year revealed that people who drink two diet sodas a day are at risk of dying from circulatory diseases, as well as increased mortality overall, compared to those who had one diet soda or less a month.

And if you’re still not convinced, then here are a few ways diet soda will pose more harm than good;

It’s not effective for weight loss

Sorry buddy, but the “diet” in that label simply means less sugar, which doesn’t essentially translate to weight loss. In fact, it does not promote weight loss in the first place.

Studies showed that it also helps increase our cravings for sugar, which can lead to consuming more calories that leads to, you know, weight gain. That, and increased diabetes risk.

It alters the digestive tract

“Diet soda can alter your gut microbiota, which can have negative impacts on digestion and hormone regulation,” Rebecca Oh, clinical dietitian at USC Verdugo Hills Hospital, said.

It damages the kidney

Unfortunately, it also targets the kidneys since it helps increase production of free radicals that can easily damage our kidneys for the long term.

It’s not great for the teeth

While diet soda is free from sugar (supposedly), soda in itself is naturally acidic, so it’s still bad for your teeth because it can cause enamel erosion and tooth decay.

So what do you do from here?

Well, avoid it of course, if you can. And just hydrate yourself with healthier options like tea, juice (in moderation) and, of course, good old fashioned water.


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