With the complexity surrounding Nigeria’s healthcare system today, keeping medical records in a safe and secured place where it can be easily accessed remains a top priority.

Whether one is using a digitalised record-keeping system, or old-fashioned files, the safety of one’s medical history is very important.

Regardless, digitalised systems for medical records have many advantages over a manual filing system.
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Digital systems ensure that incidences such as exposure of a patient’s medical record to third parties are brought to a minimum.

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This enhances the doctor-patient trust, driving efficiency in the medical field in the country.

Patients and healthcare practitioners can seamlessly access medical records from a single source.

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This comes with a lot of rewards, especially in a case of emergency, a patient’s life can be saved if the medical record is within reach. Amazingly, this is what eClinic provides. Among other things, the beauty of this eClinic is that it is a centralized database helping healthcare providers to deliver their services swiftly.

eClinic is a specially designed patient-focused healthcare digital platform that transforms the familiar analog system of record-keeping into a digital process, where patients’ records are secured and easily accessible.

With eClinic, all the records of patients are centralised, and their data are within the reach of health workers, which in turn guarantees efficiency, quick diagnosis and treatment of patients.

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Talking about the potential of eClinic, Dr. Wallace Ogufere, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of eClat Healthcare Limited, an innovative healthcare tech solutions provider, stated that the risks of accessibility, logistics, and confidentiality that patients are exposed to have been significantly reduced.

Unarguably, revolving technology and record-keeping have ushered in an innovative way in healthcare, which not only improves patients’ access to their health information but also fast-tracks their treatment and medical consultancy exercises.

eClinic’s launching has been able to eradicate a lot of challenges limiting patients to quality healthcare services. The challenges include -logistics, accessibility, and confidentiality. Therefore, users of this healthcare product are guaranteed an increment in safety, monitoring, and tracking of treatments, fast healthcare services, documentation of results of treatment, and tracking of patients’ progress, amongst others.


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