Loss of Smell and Taste Updated in Guideline for COVID-19 Self Isolation.

Coronavirus pandemic advice in force since March has required self-isolation for anyone with a new continuous cough or fever - but the advice has now been updated in guidance agreed by the UK's four chief medical officers. A joint statement from the CMOs said: 'From today, all individuals should...

Remdesivir helps moderate COVID-19 patients improve – Gilead Sciences

Gilead Sciences Inc. said on Monday its antiviral drug remdesivir showed improvement in patients with moderate COVID-19 in a late-stage study. Remdesivir is being closely watched after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration granted emergency use authorization last month, citing results from another study run by the National Institutes of...

#NCDC Official Recommendation on the Use of Face Masks in Nigeria.

As of Sunday, 2:32 am 31 May 2020, Nigeria Coronavirus pandemic figures stood at; Sample Tested - 60,825Confirmed Cases - 9,855Active Cases - 6,726Discharged Cases - 2,856Death - 273 In view of these, the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control offers the following advice to members...

Coronavirus Is Mutating. The Mutant Strains are more Contagious.

According to a new and alarming study, the coronavirus strain that came out of China late last year and caused a pandemic that we’re still going through has unfortunately mutated into a more dominant strain that is even deadlier and more contagious. Coronavirus Mutates Into Deadlier Strain

BREAKING: Highest number of COVID-19 cases, deaths in West Africa lies within Nigeria.

With 2,388 confirmed infections and 85 fatalities, Nigeria also has the highest number of coronavirus cases and deaths in West Africa. Unarguably Nigeria now has the third-highest number of confirmed cases in Africa. South Africa has the highest number of COVID-19 cases in Africa...

Obese People Are more at risk of COVID-19 than Others – New Study.

According to emerging data, BMI also plays a role in people who get infected with the coronavirus, with obese people being particularly more high risk than others. The body mass index is a clinical indicator of how "fat" a person is - a function of genetic and environment....

#COVID-19: The Catastrophe Unfolding in Kano.

If very urgent steps are not taken right now, Kano - the most populous city in the most populated country in the world's poorest continent - will become the epicentre of COVID-19 in Africa, like New York in America. The big difference is that while New York is the...

Extreme Control Measures must be done if we are to beat the Nouvel #COVID19.

Infectious disease researchers at The University of Texas at Austin studying the novel coronavirus were able to identify how quickly the virus can spread, a factor that may help public health officials in their efforts at containment. They found that time between cases in a chain of transmission...

Why is Coronavirus spreading quickly in America?

I think whether to wear a mask is a different challenge for China (East Asia) as it is in the West. Most Westerners think that wearing masks is what patients do, so they lack the good habit of wearing masks. At least in normal times, it's hard for them...

Lagos State Govt To Announce Total Lockdown due CoronaVirus

Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu says a  total lockdown is imminent if the cases of coronavirus continue to increase. Sanwo-Olu said this while giving an update on the situation of the pandemic in the state at the State House in Marina on Friday. Out of the...