Zika and Chikungunya Viruses Linked to Stroke in humans.

A new research published in the The Lancet Neurology confirms the lethal combination of two mosquito-borne viruses may be a trigger for stroke. University of Liverpool researchers and Brazilian collaborators have been investigating the link between neurological disease and infection with the viruses Zika and chikungunya. These viruses, which...

When You Exercise, Ditch your Face Masks.

Given the current circumstances, at-home workouts is highly suggested in order to contain viral transmission and reduce risk of infections. If exercise is conducted in private or isolation areas, wearing face mask might be unnecessary.  In spite of the consistency in the recommendation that people should wear face masks...

Nigeria Develops COVID-19 Test Kits – Faster and more accurate.

Scientists in Nigeria have developed a cheaper and faster Covid-19 test kit that will enable testing to be ramped up in a place that has faced kit shortages and chronic under-testing of a massive population, according to the country's health authorities.   The new test is cheaper than other PCR tests -- the...

Stroke Signs Will Warn Days Before the Actual Attack – Study.

For many medical professionals, Stroke is an infarction or bleeding into the brain which manifests with a sudden onset neurological symptoms. Eighty percent of strokes are ischemic, caused by the narrowing of the large or small arteries of the brain, or by clots that block blood flow to...

Median incubation period for COVID-19

A University of Massachusetts Amherst biostatistician who directs the UMass-based Flu Forecasting Center of Excellence was invited by the White House Coronavirus Task Force to participate Wednesday morning in a coronavirus modeling webinar. The four-hour, virtual gathering will include 20 of the world's leading infectious disease and pandemic forecasting...

Urinary Tract Infection In Pregnancy Is Common but Downplayed.

Pregnancy is a state in which women experience a myriad of changes. Many of which are normal and wouldn't be any cause for fright. However there are situations in which these changes become a harbinger of something sinister. Sinister enough to lead to Urinary tract Infections (UTI).

Loss of Smell and Taste Updated in Guideline for COVID-19 Self Isolation.

Coronavirus pandemic advice in force since March has required self-isolation for anyone with a new continuous cough or fever - but the advice has now been updated in guidance agreed by the UK's four chief medical officers. A joint statement from the CMOs said: 'From today, all individuals should...

Remdesivir helps moderate COVID-19 patients improve – Gilead Sciences

Gilead Sciences Inc. said on Monday its antiviral drug remdesivir showed improvement in patients with moderate COVID-19 in a late-stage study. Remdesivir is being closely watched after the U.online pharmacy order xenical online best drugstore for you S. Food and Drug Administration granted emergency use authorization last month, citing results from...

#NCDC Official Recommendation on the Use of Face Masks in Nigeria.

As of Sunday, 2:32 am 31 May 2020, Nigeria Coronavirus pandemic figures stood at; Sample Tested - 60,825Confirmed Cases - 9,855Active Cases - 6,726Discharged Cases - 2,856Death - 273 In view of these, the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control offers the following advice to members...

Coronavirus Is Mutating. The Mutant Strains are more Contagious.

According to a new and alarming study, the coronavirus strain that came out of China late last year and caused a pandemic that we’re still going through has unfortunately mutated into a more dominant strain that is even deadlier and more contagious. Coronavirus Mutates Into Deadlier Strain