SPONSORED POST: Indeed the tech space in Nigeria is booming on and waxing stronger. Many new software, applications are shaping how we relate, how we learn, how we study. The health sector may have been particularly slow to this inevitable shift, but the shift is happening anyway.

With the launch of innovative service platforms dedicated to aiding medical and health professionals, the launch of the newest web based service, MedQBase.ng comes as a boost to increase the momentum gathered from last year.

Indeed there is a huge dearth of study materials, especially for postgraduate specialization candidates who like undergraduates are in dire need of study materials, question samples, update materials etc, to excel in their examinations. A professionally driven question bank is a huge step in the right direction.

MedQBase.ng Logo of Excellence and Professionalism


MedQBase is an acronym for Medical Question Base. MedQBase.ng is the dedicated online platform hosting over 20,000 Multiple Choice Questions for candidates sitting for any medical or health professional examination.

It is a real-time online question bank for medical and health professionals and medical students.

MedQBase.ng being an online learning platform is operated by MRI Medic Qbase Limited. Candidates prepare for medical and health related exams directly on the site by granting access to the largest database of questions.

After being in beta form since the second quarter of 2017, MedQBase.ng was officially launched in 2018. Medqbase is a medical question bank on a web, desktop and mobile Computer Based Test (CBT) platform for medical and other allied health professionals. Daily, the MedQBase.ng is grown with new sets of questions drawn from universities across the country and from professional groups.

With a dedicated team of professionals operating from the back end, candidates who use the question series of MedQBase.ng is be well ahead as preparations for examinations intensifies.


Home Page of MedQBase.ng


Basically MedQBase.ng charge zero naira for registration on her database. Registration on MedQBase.ng allows access to a limited set of free questions for your discipline of choice. REGISTER HERE NOW.

Subsequently, users/candidates can access the full range of questions after a premium subscription is done. The subscription package is period-based, ranging from 3-months (N1000), 6-months (N1800), 12-months (N2500). On subscribing, candidates can adequately prepare with on MedQBase.ng until validity period expires.

Candidates have varying payment options, however access to the questions is totally FREE for now.


To prepare for any examination could be quite tasking and challenging. MedQBase.ng hopes to reduce the burden posed during examination period, by providing well articulated and resourceful exam questions, updates etc, that would help a larger percentage of candidates be successful.

New user/candidates are expected to fill in the registration details. The site is pretty secure and users information are protected on the site.

It is on this note that I think the site is going to be a site to look out for this year 2018. It definitely have a good bearing on the health sector, as it will balance out the stress of sitting and taking any medical exam Nigeria.

For Further details about the site, you can possible shoot a mail to info@medqbase.ng

Click Here to go straight to Nigeria’s first ever Medical Question Bank, MedQBase.ng


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