SPONSORED: Following the huge success of the platform at the medical Internship level and the frequent calls from residency-seeking doctors to initiate a platform that could help distant candidates to submit their applications at the convenience of their homes, we have launched a similar platform to cover for those seeking residency and other postgraduate health allied applications in Nigerian Hospitals.


It is no news that medical doctors, go on a long search for Residency Placement. Same can be said for other health allied specialties. Searching for Placements in their various climes and more so a means to apply for such when there are application openings.

Many spend fortunes traveling from states to states to submit applications.
Many spend years searching.
Many risk their lives on our “good roads”.

Banana or bitter, the government and our regulatory bodies have done little or nothing to solve this problem.

From our experience, we observed that many miss the opportunity to apply at various centres across the country. They miss because of :
– poor publicity or lack of information about ongoing applications at various centres.
– lack of “the will” to travel long distances for these applications – imagine traveling to sokoto.
– unavailability of a working parcel service at a low-cost to bridge the gap.

In a bid to bridge the gap and make these applications more efficient and stress-free, we have setup a medical parcel service (PARCELMEDICO) to get your applications to all centers across the country.

You no longer need to spend all your cash traveling to submit applications. PARCELMEDICO is there for you.
You will no longer lack information about ongoing applications as we shall inform you promptly.

Note that we are not affiliated to any hospital neither are we agents of any hospital. We are only a platform that help distant candidates to submit their applications.

At PARCELMEDICO, application delivery meets low-cost. Our admins will cover you anywhere.

You can send your scanned documents via :
– Email : parcelmedico@yahoo.com
– Whatsapp : 07060455395.
–  Join our Whatsapp group, Facebook group, like our page and share the good news to various blogs on social networks.

The admin Dr Oghenekaro Ogbodu can be reached via 07060455395. Thanks


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