Biodun (real name withheld) and I did housejob together and while I decided to stay and train in Naija as I thought Naija would get better, he headed to the UK for a masters initially.

Fast forward 5 years later, he was in training in Pathology in the UK and I was in training in Anaesthesia in Nigeria and I had come in for my PLAB 2. Though I was writing my exams to come to the UK, I was at that point where I was thinking I was too old to “start” again.

So on this trip, Biodun was at the airport to welcome me – a really lovely guy, waiting for me with a cup of coffee at arrivals. Imagine when I got into Biodun’s car, I was shocked beyond words.

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He is a BMW guy but on seeing the dashboard, I was literally stunned to touch anything. I sat still like Ukwa, holding my backpack tight afraid I could touch a button that would make us fly. I knew even my consultants in Nigeria could not afford this.

That day I first felt regret – I should have left when Biodun did.

But I turned that regret into a drive and I remember telling myself- “you think you regret now? In another 5 years, if you do nothing now, your regret will be bigger by another 5 years”
I locked down the move and the rest they say is history.

Biodun was at my 40th birthday party (6 years from the meeting above) – both of us now independent Clinicians in our own rights in the UK.

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You need to see the bad a**s BMW Biodun drove to my fortieth . . . still inspiring me

Make that move now, because that is the only way you can cut short that regret.
Nothing changes until you change it – as motivational speakers say it.

Written By Anonymous Doctor Based in the UK.


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