The MDCN has observed that some house officers are now in the practice of resigning from their initial posting institution a few months into the Housemanship program.

Please be informed that the above practice is capable of invalidating the program’s objectives/goals. It could also have serious adverse effects on the budget provision for the program.

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In view of the above, all internship institutions are hereby directed to subsequently stop approving such resignation(s).

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All house officers that have resigned/that may resign subsequently, should be directed by the affected internship institution(s) to refund back all salaries/payments received prior to their resignation to the Federal Government coffers.

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The list of such house officers, that is, their names, folio numbers, and the effective resignation date should be forwarded to the Registrar both in hard and soft copy via the MDCN correspondence unit, houseofficersfinance@mdcn.

online pharmacy no prescription pharmacy, and the WhatsApp group on monthly basis.

Kindly note that a non-refund of this payment will attract adverse consequences as the officers would be denied full registration.

Please accept the assurances of the Registrar’s highest regards.

SIGNED: Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria


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