What it feels like to care for COVID-19 patients

My baby brother, also a doctor, posted this on FaceBook today. He’s an ICU doctor. I’ve spoken to him and he sounded punch drunk with shock and fatigue. I’ve never been prouder of my baby brother. He is stepping into this challenge with strength courage and poise Again, below was posted by my brother Dr David...

Cows Infected with Tuberculosis can pass disease to Herders – CDC.

Nigeria's northern region is predominated by herdsmen who rear cattle and live a nomadic life, unlike the southern region. Herdsmen can contract a form of tuberculosis from cattle, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In a new report published by the agency Xrays...

President Trump and Wife Test Positive for COVID-19. World Leaders wishes him speedy Recovery!

Corona Virus is now officially in the White House!! President Trump officially announced this news on his vibrant Twitter handle. First Lady Ivanka Trump is also positive for the virus. This raised a lot of concern for the president’s...

#COVID-19: The Catastrophe Unfolding in Kano.

If very urgent steps are not taken right now, Kano - the most populous city in the most populated country in the world's poorest continent - will become the epicentre of COVID-19 in Africa, like New York in America. The big difference is that while New York is the...

Stroke Signs Will Warn Days Before the Actual Attack – Study.

For many medical professionals, Stroke is an infarction or bleeding into the brain which manifests with a sudden onset neurological symptoms. Eighty percent of strokes are ischemic, caused by the narrowing of the large or small arteries of the brain, or by clots that block blood flow to...