It is the sixth day of the lockdown and many people, young and not too young, are on the streets jogging from street to street.

The lockdown is to prevent the further spread of the highly contagious Coronavirus but some Lagosians have refused to obey the lockdown. It seems like a harvest of joggers.

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Since the Lockdown was declared by President Muhammadu Buhari after invoking the Quarantine Act, many Lagos residents complied with the executive order. Surprisingly a crop of people has started a new trend of Jogging between streets to keep fit. The number keeps rising daily.

Many residents believe Lagos will not survive beyond a 2-week lockdown since more than 50% of people in the commercial city depend on a daily income to feed.

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But why should people be jogging freely despite a subsisting Coronavirus Lockdown? The answer to this may lie in the belief that the virus principally affects the rich and elites in the society even though this assertion has been disproved.

As of the 4th of April 2020, Nigeria has four recorded deaths. This may be another impetus that makes many Nigerians especially Lagosians doubt the very existence of the virus even as over 10,000 deaths have been recorded in one country alone.

So while many more Lagosians flout the lockdown order to keep fit, the government may not simply be able to ensure a 100% sit-at-home lockdown for many reasons, one of which is poverty in the land.

Yet a dispassionate look at this new jogging trend reveals that many of the people of the defaulters are not the poorest. In fact, many of them are ‘middle class and upper class’ residents who are of the opinion that the virus does not ‘affect’ black man or who may be overtly religious. This is one instance where religion may be our undoing.

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It is logical to say that for Nigeria to win this war with the COVID-19 Virus, Lagos must get it right. If Lagos, a city of over 25 million residents, falls to the virus then it is nearly almost certain Nigeria will fall.

Every Lagos resident must consciously make an effort to sit at home. If you must step out, then it has to be on essential assignment. If you move in public, then do not touch your face. Also, remember to wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20seconds.

Maintaining adequate social distancing and using a cloth face mask when in the public will also help everyone else. Postpone all manner of public exercise including jogging, playing football, etc.
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Lagosians please be wise!!!


  1. Not just Lagos resident but every one should and must consciously make an effort to sit at home and maintain good h

  2. I think Lagos has the highest numbers in terms of the COVID19 case because lagosian didn’t totally adhere to the lockdown and keeping away from social gatherings. It will be good for all if adhere strictly to this so that we can conquer this pandemic totally as soon as possible.

  3. It’s good to keep fit but its better to do you exercise at home to stay safe because this virus is real 5people are dead in Nigeria already and over 60k all over the world with over a million confirmed cases. It’s better to listen and take precautions.#AskDrE

  4. Just a quick update,it’s now 5 deaths.Here in Makurdi,the Benue State capital there is no lockdown per say, because people are moving freely, partial closure of major markets.

  5. We have always have this coming, the government corrupted the media to the extent Nigerians don’t trust anything coming from it. This government have have shown that it has no regards or plans for the masses and have always taken every little chance to loot., Even creating such scandals theirself only to turn and extort it citizens from it. Right now you wouldn’t put anything pass them. How would you even believe them when nothing has ever been real as long it comes from them.

  6. But my question is, what happens after the 2 weeks lockdown?I hope the Government doesn’t creat much more problems trying to solve this Covid19.I said this because of the level of hunger in the land. The prices of food items have gone up

  7. Nice write up…all we still all have to do is keep practicing the dos and don’ts and I’m sure we all through this pandemic

  8. Nice write up…all we still have to do is keep practicing the dos and don’ts and I’m sure we all will live through this pandemic.

  9. The joggers are really making a mistake.I don’t know why we don’t seem to understand the word “social distancing”. Anyways this should be more enlightenment. Thanks.

  10. Yes Lagos is d place d virus must be tackled bcs it has so much pple there. Pple it affects most are ‘middle class and upper class. And people in Lagos Must adhere to social distance and limit the amount of time dedicated to jogging.


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