Job Vacancy: Housemanship and Internship positions open at UCTH Calabar.

The University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, Calabar is currently accepting applications from suitably qualified candidates for the positions below in the hospital: Medical House Officers Dental House Officers Intern Pharmacists Intern MLS Intern Nurses Intern Physiotherapists Intern Radiographers Intern Optometrist Intern Dental therapist Intern Dental technologists ELIGIBILITY: Candidates must be in possession of a recognized […]

Efficient Power Supply is a matter of Life and Death in the Healthcare Sector – Rajneesh Gupta, Bhojsons PowerHub

PRESS RELEASE: Power is an essential tool for driving health systems and providing quality healthcare services. Running a successful medical facility involves the utilization of many resources, the most important being- power. Medical facilities require significant power to effectively run and it is important investment be made to ensure continuous generation of power which is cost-effective and […]