Governor Adams Oshiomole of Edo State bared his mind on the standard of the health system when the Minister of state for Health, Dr Enahire Osagie, paid him a courtesy in Benin. This is what he said:

“We must revisit the issue of regulation: the minimum requirement you must meet to establish a hospital and a private clinic. Clinics ought to, at best, function as a referral centre, to hear complaints and refer patients to appropriate hospitals. But now, one doctor, a general doctor, performs the role of a gynaecologist, neurologist, dentist, eye surgeon and all sorts of things. The result is that a lot of cases, which could have been managed quietly, get complicated before they are referred to the right hospitals.

“Between the federal and state governments, I think we need to have a dialogue and see how we can review the laws as regards the minimum requirements to establish a private hospital and the limit to what a private hospital can do. There are too many quacks who masquerade as doctors.

“You must have found it quite embarrassing that even in the Federal Ministry of Health, under the previous government, a fake doctor was functioning, getting promotions and contributing to public policy formulation. It took a couple of years to find out he was never a doctor.

“It shows how rotten everything has become, that somebody, not in my village but in Abuja, was hiding and purporting to be a doctor at the Ministry of Health’s headquarters under the supervision of professors of Health, who had been ministers and Chief Medical Directors (CMDs) of the federation.

“Too many things have gone wrong. But as I have always told our people, our party is not in power to lament but to learn the right lessons and to confront those issues squarely and build a new Nigeria from the ashes of the old and give our people the confidence and restore integrity to public institutions, whether it is health care, education, and others…”

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