The DQ Health Delight:

The uniqueness of this program is that it is open to all and sundry. The DQ health delight program is to give every one an opportunity to have a strong voice, to pull through what everyone seek: Health for All.

Last week we saw how one loyal young man, won for himself the grand prize, a 3-in-1 package. READ ABOUT IT HERE

For this week, a lot of people are battling for the DQ Health Delight prize. However, I have decided to explain some ground rules, so that a lot of people can benefit from this rare opportunity.

My dear, loyal readers be aware that we intend to give every other of our readers an equal opportunity. Hence, the need to stress the most important criteria.

Winners of the DQ Health Delight program must be people who show active participation on the blog:

  • by sending comments on the blog . This is the first and principal criteria. You with the highest frequency of sending comments, stand a better chance at this weekly winnings.
  • By being active on any of our social media platform, like Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. This involves liking, sharing, following our post on social media. It would definitely count.

This new criteria is to ensure continued newness to the DQ Health Delight program.

Our New Winner:

The winner for this week, remains resolute and committed to educating posts. He has proven to be a strong believer in our vision, which is for Nigerians to have professionally written info, that would optimise their health.

He won last week’s median edition. He has upped his game by being very active on our Facebook fan page and group/community.

Give it up for Chibuzo Onyesoh John.

Congratulations Chibuzo; you are qualified to claim your 3-in-1 package; which includes:

  1. Free medical consultation from any of approved healthcare providers.
  2. An airtime equivalent of 1000, depending on your preferred service providers.
  3. Provided it meets up to our minimum standards, you have a chance to publish any work on this site OR you could be featured on this site.

Get in touch NOW!!!

Dear readers, get involved and start winning big!!!


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