The experience I am about to share are real. Almost as told by a Medical Laboratory Scientist, my friend and confidante, Jude (not real names are used in this narrative). I met him while making my way to church. Yes ooo, I go to church!!! After a long time since Jude graduated, I was glad we ran into each other. Of all our chat, the most interesting for me was how he hooked his present job.

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Jude had only gone to see a friend in a more sophisticated, well equipped laboratory, some where in Lagos. He had no intention that his life was just about to change. His previous work place had also been well above standard, but he describes it as ‘getting unwarranted greener grass’. As Jude stepped out of the office, after seeing his friend in the outfit where he worked, he was accosted by a man, of no obvious means or class. The man had only wanted further clarifications on the test results he had just been given. He had thought Jude was a staff of that laboratory, may be because of the way he was dressed – as a professional.

After the dialogue that lasted just 15 minutes, Jude was offered a complimentary card. The man told him to call him and as he said, by the end of that day he had been offered a job with a pay that he refused to say. But I guessed the pay would be worth it, for Jude had to relocate to Owerri, the capital of Imo State, from Lagos to begin work at a mega medical laboratory facility.

I have always loved this saying that First Impression matters, but who would have expected it to matter this much. For his interview, he took a letter from that man in Lagos, and presented it to the Lady Interviewer (he learnt is the wife much later). The letter had only 3 words only; DILIGENT: PATIENT: DEPENDABLE. I have heard a call can change somebody’s life, but 3 words changed his life for good. Three solid impressions was made of my friend that day… just the first and only impression!!!

Morale Lesson; I believe we should live, as much as we can, with a mind set of creating that indelible impression on the minds of those we meet. Even if it your 100th encounter with somebody, act like it is your first impression, that you are not about to soil for selfish gains. As a professional, keep faith with the codes, ethics, protocols of your profession. And even if you go wrong, the impression would be like most good first impressions… DILIGENCE, PATIENCE, DEPENDABLE.



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