I think whether to wear a mask is a different challenge for China (East Asia) as it is in the West.

Most Westerners think that wearing masks is what patients do, so they lack the good habit of wearing masks. At least in normal times, it’s hard for them to wear masks.

Harris Ali, a sociologist at York University in Canada, said that in North America, people often associate wearing masks directly with the “Asian” group. In many European countries and the United States, some people will use “masks” as a tool of racial discrimination to stigmatize the East Asian nation, so Westerners have always thought that masks do not conform to the local norms of social civilization, and their acceptance is very low.

In China, because the government constantly instills relevant knowledge, everyone understands the importance of masks to protect themselves and others, so in public, everyone wears masks.

This is the city I live in, Chengdu in Western China. No matter men, women, old and young, everyone wear their own masks as required.

This is the reason why the epidemic in China can be controlled.

In a tweet from the mayor of London, he alludes the subway in London is still full every day. Most people don’t wear masks.

It’s too dangerous.

The same thing happened on the streets of New York a few days ago.

According to the novel coronavirus pneumonia reported by New York Times, the United States, on March 21st, many Americans have been walking to the streets of Washington, D.C., in the streets of Washington, D.
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C., regardless of the risk of infection. Some people even come to the capital from neighboring states to enjoy the cherry blossom, saying that they can take this opportunity to take a holiday.

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Most of them don’t wear masks.

Now, of course, the wearing rate of masks is on the rise.

When you sneeze, you will spray more than 10000 droplets, the farthest spread to 8 meters away.

Then cough, 1000-2000 droplets, up to 6 meters away.

In the end, even if you speak quietly, you will produce 500 droplets per minute.

This is what you look like 0.34 seconds after you sneeze. The green ones are big droplets because they are heavy enough to land in 10 seconds.

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Source: Quora

The red ones are the foam cores, which form fog clouds in the air and float in the air, thus touching other people’s mucous membranes.

Source: Quora

The novel coronavirus pneumonia is mainly through close contact between humans (after contact, through the hands of a virus, touching the eyes, mouth and nose infection), and droplet transmission

Masks, for example, medical-surgical masks, have three layers, which are respectively used for water separation, filtration and moisture absorption, which can help to block droplets and absorb viruses.

Even the most common medical mask, according to this protection curve, can achieve a minimum protection rate of 80%.

So wearing a mask is the most important protective measure in this pandemic, and I think that’s why the United States and other European countries have a sudden outbreak of cases in this pandemic – they don’t want to wear a mask.

So, for you and other health workers, please wear masks.
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Source: Quora


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