A Vlog means a video blog. Vlog entries often combine embedded video (or a video link) with supporting text, images, and other metadata.

A Blog is an online journal or informational website displaying information in the reverse chronological order, with the latest posts appearing first. Predominantly, it is composed of words and letters.

Written Blogs can’t provide a visual design in the ways Vlogs can deliver deeper context through imagery.

Regardless, I think Vlogging should augment blogging. As a blogger myself, I find that the many aspects of writing can be quickly conveyed in a vlog.

Vlogging should not necessarily kill blogging after all blogging is the elder brother of vlogging.

Surprising as it seems, many people believe a blog is a better initial way to put out messages. This is so especially for those without a war-chest of money.

I remember when I started out as a medical writer, I relied so much on my blog — Home – DoctorsQuarters.com I started about four years ago.

The blog resonated with thousands of my readers who love fresh insights into pertinent issues affecting our health, and our life. With words, I am able to reach and inspire good health living in readers.

But I find that video-based content is simply the way to go. A survey was done recently showed that more people prefer video-based contents — it could be because it has pictures, words, and sounds, which is far better than words-only blogs

To reach more audience and command more authority, bloggers must consciously shift into vlogging or at least produce some vlog content. It becomes an existential move for any blogger who fails to incorporate vlogging as part of the overall plan for their activities.

Blogging, in my opinion, would remain the foundation stone upon which other newer forms like vlogging are built. To kill blogging will mean to erase and kill a key part of the whole process of modern-day communication.


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