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Strict adherance to the MDCN guidelines on Internship training and full registration by training Institutions, Supervising Consultants and interns
The Attentions of the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria has been drawn to:
a) The failure of some accredited training institutions and supervising consultants to effectively coordinate and ensure strict adherence to the Council’s guidelines on internship training and supervision.
b)The failure of some medical/dental interns to ensure that their internship training conforms/meets the minimum standards set by the Council, especially on the approved duration of training in each posting, timely submission of their internship sign off forms and application for full registration with the Council.
For the avoidance of doubt, the Council expects as follows: 
i) Chief Medical Directors (CMD’s) of the training institutions must accompany applications I sign off forms with authority letters duly signed by the CMDs or their representatives.
ii) Each of the four (4) postings is to be performed by the interns for an uninterrupted twelve (12) weeks. Where posting is interrupted for any reason (e.g. Industrial actions, ill health, maternity leaves or any form of leave) the intern on resumption will repeat in full the interrupted rotation. Consultants should not sign any intern off if the required uninterrupted 12 weeks rotation is not met.
iii) Formal approval and releases must be obtained from the relevant institutions when internship training will be performed at more than one training institutions. Council should be duly notified either during the training or soon after the conclusion of the training.
Doctors and the general public should note that the full Registration is not automatic on completion of internship. Applications are painstakingly verified and vetted before admittance to the Full Register.
Pre-registration doctors who submit their duly completed internship forms should note that the registration process takes four weeks and applicants will be contacted when their certificates are ready.
Applicants whose forms have issues that need further clarification and verification will also be contacted within the four weeks
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