Hello and good day my dear readers, I am back again with your favorite special topics on health and today’s topic talks about parts of our bodies that we thing we wash but, but didn’t actually pay attention to.
A lot of people are used to the new ‘hand sponge’ which is widely available and fun to use and is much easier to manage while bathing. But with this, some things still go bad.
here are the parts we think we pay attention to but don’t actually do so. I would start from our upper trunk.

1. Ears
Funny but true. The ear canal produces a waxy oil called cerumen, which is more commonly known as earwax. This wax protects the ear from dust, foreign particles, and microorganisms. It also protects ear canal skin from irritation due to water. In normal circumstances, excess wax finds its way out of the canal and into the ear opening naturally and then is washed away. In some cases we have to do the cleaning with cotton buds but the sight is unappealing. People don’t actually wash up their ears when taking a bath. Most especially the ladies for fear of getting their weave on or braids wet or soapy. imagine you went out with this very hot guy who you like , and then he tries to go all romantic with a peck, and parts your hair behind your ears only to see ………….. I just know I would not want to be that guy.
Ladies, if you are scared of getting your braids or weave on wet, use a shower cap so you can clean your ears properly especially behind the lobes. if not use a cotton bud to clean up

2. Armpit
Another is our armpit. Apocrine glands are found in the armpits and genital region. They produce a thick fluid. When this fluid comes in contact with bacteria on the skin’s surface, It produces a characteristic potent “body odor”. Its unavoidable but can be managed. scrubbing the armpit should be taken seriously and use of antiperspirant deodorants should be encouraged

3. Knees, Elbows and knuckles
These are the parts of the body that i consider hidden because in some of our postures, we are either leaning on our elbows, or kneeling. These parts are quick to get dirty when our body is either flexed or extended and in so doing gather dirty. And with that, some people seldom wash/ scrub these parts properly, for me, this accounts for dark coloration of these parts. Hand sponge users hardly wash their fingers and knuckle because they feel they are already wearing a sponge.

4. Fingernails
We use our nails to scratch, and 90% of what we touch and scratch carries dirt. those who do not cut their nails regularly have a tendency to keep dirty nails except they are well taken care of.

If you really want to know how clean you are after your bath/shower, use a white towel to clean up, a white towel wouldn’t lie, but other colors would because they have a tendency to hide dirt. I personally, use a white hand sponge so that I can be sure of how clean I am when I take a bath.
I hope you enjoyed reading this article, keeping on logging in to your favorite health blog, Doctorsquarters and learn more. Have a blissful day ahead.


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