Queen Okorafor: Nigeria's Queen Of Hairs
Queen Okafor: Nigeria’s Queen Of Hairs

She was trending as at the time I was getting prepared to send in this post. Truly a media delight. The Punch newspaper even featured her on its Sunday edition. Queen Okafor, a native of Nnobi in Idemili South Local Government Area, Anambra State. She is popularly called Queen of Hairs. By the look of the picture and the elaborate article on PUNCH NEWSPAPER, she is obviously proud of herself, especially of her features.

In Medicine, she is manifesting with a feature called HIRSUTISM, a common feature seen in the Gynaecologic clinic.

Hirsutism, is a medical sign rather than a disease. It is when a female appears with a male pattern of hair distribution. It may indicate a more serious medical condition that would require the attention of a doctor. Routinely, women with hirsutism, among a consternation of other symptoms, are seen by a Gynaecologist, a consultant who deals with pathologies of female reproductive system.

Hirsutism may be caused by an overproduction of plasma Androgens, the male hormones, or over-sensitizaton of the hair follicles to the male hormones. Normally, Androgens- Testosterones – are responsible growth and maturation of hairs, increased bone density, deepening of voice, growth and maturation of the internal and external male genitalia. It is also responsible for other things like increase muscle mass, acne etc.

So, Ladies like Queen, would need to see a expert, a consultant, for appropriate diagnosis and further treatment. It may just be genetic, that is, her mum or her maternal aunt may have a similar feature, and so may not require serious medical attention. The condition is also less serious if the male pattern of hair distribution started before puberty.

Ladies must be advised that, complications of getting pregnant or even giving birth may result from this, if expert help is not sought. Conditions where females may see an abnormally high levels of androgens (that should normally be low) in them are commonly; polycystic ovarian syndrome, pituitary adenoma, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, use of certain drugs, cushing disease etc.


So ladies do not wait for long, because like the golden rule in medicine, Delay Complicates Most Treatable Condition A common complication i observed while on the Obstetric and Gynaecology Clinic is the inability for patients to get pregnant…..

See your doctor today!!!.



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