‘You learn to create a perfect world for your self out of nothing’ – Anonymous

You walk into the healthcare facility and you get to see a doctor on call attend to your health needs. Sometimes, most people take it for granted, that this is a constant feature in most hospital, especially so in big centres. A feature that patient’s relative, including some patients, fail to appreciate.

It takes almost nothing to employ doctors who would work as resident doctors in urban centres. Of this I cannot easily say about hospitals located in the hinterlands, the villages and rural areas generally.

Weighing it critically, there is a common indices that doctor would have to factor in whenever they are to work as resident doctors in any hospital – that is making the hospital ‘a home, away from home’.

Personal experiences and observation have proven that doctors who break the jinx of having the hospital as a home, perform better at their job and are most likely going to report having a good experience at the work place.

Essentially, it becomes a big psychological struggle having to agree with the concept and effects of having “Two Home”. While there is a personal need to be with those he loves, he is compelled to also settle the needs of the patients, which sometimes would warrant he place as second, his ‘main’ home.

Sometimes words fail doctors on how they feel about this distorted balance… hence the first anonymous quote at the beginning of this post. This is what other doctors I asked had to say;

“I still do not know who formulated this model, but it seems it favours putting doctors on the edge who, everyone believes, have iron skin”.

“Swapping between home front functions and hospital function is the true test of every female consultant doctor”

I also sought the opinion of an elderly general surgeon and his response was no different.

“I have been at this for close to 30 years now, with a lot of ups and downs. What I can say is that with time every thing would get back to normal, and every one would begin to spare you some of your shortcomings. How else would I get my best to both homes if I don’t share the dedication equally?”



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