A story published on NAN, alleges that 5 students have been expelled from the Akwa Ibom School of Health Technology in Etinan. The leader of the victimised students, Mr Joe Friday had this to say about the incident that also affected Ekanem Ezekiel, Ekanem Okon, Ekpo Inyang and Paul Emmanuel:

“the issue is that we wanted the school fees to be reduced.
“The Commissioner asked us to come for dialogue; but when we got to his office, we discovered that we were invited for another thing, not for dialogue on increase in school fees.
“We were asked to sign an undertaking that we were not going to cause trouble in the school if we should be allowed to remain in the institution.
“When we refused to sign the undertaking, the Commissioner said we were insolent and stood rusticated from the school.
“The news of our rustication was even broadcast in the state’s owned radio station, Akwa Ibom Broadcasting Corporation (AKBC) on Wednesday.”
My thoughts were, ‘wetin concern commissioner, with students protesting over school fee increment?

By the way for the new fees, fresh students (indigenes) would pay N74,000 as against N36,850 while non-indigenes were charged N81, 300 as also against N36,850.

He said that returning students are to pay N41, 500 as against N13, 350 before the increase.
Do a commissioner have the power to expel student, without a fair hearing by the disciplinary committee/ panel of the institution?
Pity?! #StandForJustice


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