Every hard work, every due diligence, every positive result deserves to be celebrated and announced to the whole world. This was the spirit at the venue of the elaborate medical induction for the ‘Medic 07’ Class… The Dauntless. From the moment guests started arriving on the Madonna University Medical Auditorium grounds, it was certain that the fifty seven (57) medical graduands will be super joyful and grateful.

After spending an average of over nine years in medical school, the inductees walked gracefully to take their seat for the auspicious ceremony to commence. The glorious event was graced, as is the institution’s tradition, by the University’s main figures of authority, The Provost of the College – Prof V.C Ikeh, The Deans of Clinical and the Dean of Basic Medical Sciences, the Heads of Departments and from the Ecclesiastical Community were representative of the Father Founder and of Fathers & Brothers of Jesus The Saviour. The Reverend Sisters Community were also on hand to rejoice with two of their own, Sr Dr Theophanes Aguluka, and Sr Dr Angelita.

The Guest Speaker for the event is an eminent Professor of Paediatric Surgery, Professor Elsie Nene Obianyo, who was in company with two of her Senior Registrars (one of whom is her daughter), gave the Guest Lecture. Her far reaching speech would definitely resound for a very long time in the minds of the graduating doctors, who were admonished to be good ambassadors of the profession and be ready to improve intellectually and socially.


As in past years, some of the best deserving students were recognized and awarded for academic excellence while they were still students. It so appears that as in other Colleges of Medicine, female colleagues have shown a resolute knack to clinching the overall best graduating students. An case in point happened in the University of Ilorin College of Medicine..

In this occasion, the over all best graduating student is Dr Oparaji Chimdiuto Ijeoma. She stole the show as got into her kitty, the Best Student in Community Medicine, Internal Medicine, Paediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynaecology. The audience were thrown into a total frenzy as she was repeatedly called to claim her awards. Others who got the direct feel of the electric charged hall are Dr Ekezie Prince Chukwuemeka (Best Student in Pathological Sciences, Anatomy, Medical Biochemistry, Physiology), Dr Arase Opeyemi Janet (Best Student in Pharmacology), and Dr Ikpe Ochong Alfred (Best Student in Surgery).


It was time for the photos session… Selfies and Groupies were the order of the day and Food & Drinks became so abundant!!!

Congratulations to these New Doctors…

PHOTOCREDIT: Clinical Student and DoctorsQuarters.com Photo-Journalist, IG: @Donald_Borgia




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