Currently, there are surgical masks, plain cloth face mask, KN95 Face masks, N95 Face mask available as options for users in this COVID-19 pandemic.

At an initial stage of the COVID-19 pandemic, the World Health Organisation WHO, recommended that medical face masks be worn by three categories of people; by people who show symptoms of COVID-19, health workers and people who are taking care of people with COVID-19 in close settings (at home or in a health care facility).

Then the Nigeria Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommended the use of face masks by members of the public, as an optional additional layer and not as a compulsory measure, in addition to physical distancing, hand and respiratory hygiene measures in Nigeria.

Not so long after, new evidence emerged that the use of a facial barrier is capable to stopping the spread of the virus by about fifty percent.

Cloth face mask and other non-medical face masks was the approved for use for the public to avoid a shortage of medical/surgical face masks. Of all the recommended non-medical face masks, N95 and KN95 stand out.

What is a KN95 Face Mask and a N95 Face Mask?

N95 masks are the US standards for respirator masks; KN95 masks are the Chinese standards for masks. There are the requirements that the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health requires manufacturers to meet in order to label their masks as N95s. Despite the long list of differences, the two masks are equivalent or nearly equivalent in the features that most people care about.

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How long can you reuse N95, KN95 or surgical masks for?

Keep in mind, most face masks are intended to be used once and replaced as needed. Due to the limited supply, the CDC has a list of recommended reuse methods.  

How long you can reuse a mask for is something that is not specified by the CDC nor by the Nigeria CDC. Therefore, how long you reuse your mask depends on your personal comfort and a few other factors. 

Kindly note, the following is merely a suggestion for how long you can reuse different types of masks and not reviewed by any medical studies or evidence. 

  • If you are frequently cleaning your mask, it will begin to deteriorate just like many other materials would and will affect how long you can use your mask. 
  • Rather than an exact count for how many times a mask can be reused, we can provide a guideline.
  • If you notice any deterioration of your mask, it should be discarded. You should thoroughly inspect the mask after each use and cleaning.
  • Pay special attention to how well the mask is fitting—if your mask straps begin to lose elasticity it will no longer cover your face effectively and should be discarded.

All full list of CDC recommendations can be found here.

Why You Should Use The KN95 Face Mask:

A KN95 Face Mask was designed to filter out 95% of harmful particles. They’re made of polypropylene and cotton and feature a five-layer filter. The adult-sized white masks have soft straps and a nose clip, so you can have a tight seal to your nose.

KN95 respirator masks are durable, comfortable, and provide excellent protection from airborne germs.

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