The launch of a new book is a thing of joy, especially when the book is designed to directly affect the health status of the individual, and by extension the health of the nation.

So I gladly accepted to host this Life-changing book, that promises to offer much more than any other similar book, of the same intellectual composition, size or shape.

I present this master piece, a true work of art Cum science, and one that would stand the test of time… TIPS TO A HEALTHIER LIFE, BY Dr Kelechi Roland Ikpe.


Book front cover

A brief review about the book, as written by me for the world to understand why it stands out!!!

The book offers clear and precise health tips in various areas of health some which are HIV, STD, Hypertension, pregnancy to mention but a few. As a doctor we are exposed to a lot of illness ravaging the world. Statistics show that the non communicable diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity are on the increase primarily due to the lifestyle we adopt.

There is a huge gap between what the public knows and what they ought to know and we as doctors have a responsibility of bridging that gap.

You can actually stay healthy by making positive lifestyle changes and having regular checkups so that diseases can be picked up early and treated when the chances of a cure is higher. This book offers you those tips.

In this era of abundant information, you might wonder if there is a need for a book like this. My resounding response is, ‘Yes, more than ever!’ as health conscious individuals, you should have a comprehensive, portable source of information and advice.

We know by now that we need to work out out, need to eat the right foods and exercise. You never questioned the fact that you would need to contribute to your retirement fund at work, so why would you question an investment in your health?

The book is more of an educative material and is geared towards educating the populace in addition to encouraging us to adopt healthier lifestyles especially in this present age.

Tentative date of release: 19th December 2015.


Renowned Speaker and Author, Dr K.R Ikpe
Renowned Speaker and Author, Dr K.R Ikpe

Dr. Kelechi Ronald Ikpe, MBBS, is a medical doctor, author, speaker and entrepreneur. After primary and secondary school, he pursued a degree in Medicine and Surgery at Madonna University, Elele Campus, Rivers State.

He also holds certifications in Health, Safety and Environment ( HSE levels 1,2 and 3) from the British International Safety Organization, Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) from Emergency Response International, Port Harcourt.

Dr. Ikpe Joined Community Self Help Initiative (CSI), a not for profit non governmental organization(NGO) where he coordinates the community outreach programmes and also serves as the health content writer. Since 2008, he has championed activities targeted at promoting public health for disadvantaged communities. He regularly speaks to colleges, church congregations and cooperate organizations.

Dr Kelechi Roland Ikpe
Dr Kelechi Roland Ikpe

He currently serves as a medical officer at Novo Health Africa, a top ranked Health Maintenance Organization in Nigeria. He still finds time to consult during his free time.

Dr Ikpe was born in eastern Nigeria and hails from Imo State. He comes from a family of five and lives presently in Port Harcourt. He enjoys swimming, reading good books, playing lawn tennis, table tennis, tourism, networking and social volunteering.

He can be reached on 08034348145.

Email:  and

When I asked this young, vibrant, amiable author if he had any challenge or any regret while he worked on this book, this is what he had to say;

The book was borne out of my interactions with patients in the clinics. It answers those little questions they ask and what to know concerning various issues and illnesses. Even when I go for health talk and community outreaches, it is still the same questions..

Was it difficult writing the book? Compiling it was not easy. I had to find a balance between work, reading my books, family and bringing out time to write, browse, read and update myself. I also had to consult senior colleagues on tips to create a better piece. Trust me it was challenging but worth it in the end. Talk of motivation.. I had a strong support system.

In addition to that I had to motivate myself. Always surround yourself with positive people. It helped me a long way.

No regrets whatever doing this. I am glad I did and plan on doing more by the special Grace of God.


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