A doctor’s job is one of the most respected and important professions in the modern world. It’s also one of the most demanding, with so many lives depending solely on doctors’ actions. It takes nerves and determination to survive this kind of pressure!

ZThankfully, there are doctors whose true calling lies in helping other people. One of these people is the hero of this article. Unfortunately, we don’t know his name – only the story that a woman from Salvador shared with the world.

“Today I spent the day with a friend at the hospital”, Ingrid Velame wrote on her Facebook. “In the next bed, there was a lady of 86. She was feeling severe pain from lying in the same position for a long time and needed a special mattress to ease the pain. The doctor came to check up on another patient, but he saw the lady and immediately sent for this special mattress. Then he took her on his lap and sang a beautiful song to her while the mattress was being changed. I was touched by this gesture of humanity!”

Screenshot_2016-05-09-00-41-40This doctor’s actions truly deserve admiration. The photo clearly shows that he didn’t act on orders, but out of sincere desire to help the woman in pain. This world needs more doctors like him, ready to go above and beyond duty to help and support the patients!

I believe we have doctors out there who would not be afraid to do all it takes to preserve and sustain human life, let’s learn from this honourable action.



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