Conditions Women's Issue

Newborn Baby Gives Birth To Twin In Shocking Medical Story

In a very sordid report earlier this year, a baby was apparently born ‘pregnant’ with her own sibling and needed an operation on herself to remove her twin. This is one of the most bizarre cases of pregnancy you would ever come across. The Bizarre Birth Last March, a mother gave birth to a baby […]


One Adverse Effect of Air Pollution is Blindness – New Study

People living in areas with poor air quality are more likely to have glaucoma. A new study found that air pollution could contribute to the development of the eye condition that can cause blindness. Glaucoma affects more than 60 million people around the world. This neurodegenerative disease is known as the leading global cause of […]


A Doctor’s Open Letter to Mr. President on National Health Insurance Commission Bill 2017.

Dr. Hakeem Onasanya bears his mind on the new National Health Insurance Bill 2017 recently signed in to law. He is a medical doctor and Vice President, Oxford University Africa Society. In an open letter written on his LinkedIn Page, Dr. Onasanya advises Mr. President on key pointers that ensures the new bill records success. […]