Swimming Is A Flexible Sport, 5 Omnious Signs You Must Look Out For!!!

photoCredit; Dreamstime.com

photoCredit; Dreamstime.com

The Easter Celebrations was quite an elaborate one for me. From attending the burial ceremony of a senior colleague, who is a close friend, to attending a series of weddings/marriage ceremonies>>> In all, I spent my holiday with friends, families and loved ones.

One of such outstanding moments was the time I spent with a group of friends at a swimming pool in the capital city of Imo State, Owerri. It was obviously not my first time gliding through collection of waters; since I have also ‘tasted’ first-hand, what it means to swim in a deep stream, river, beach. I hope to one day visit a major sea as well.

Back to the subject matter please… The greatest fear of any swimmer is the fear of drowning. This is not the same as the phobia for water, though one is sometimes mistaken for the other. This post is for all swimmers (professional, amateur, observers) to get you to look out for danger signs whenever you visit a public pool.

5 Danger Signs Hidden In Plain Sight:

Every pool should be constructed and designed so foster and preserve the health of swimmers. Swimming as a recreational sport could be replete with health risk that are avoidable, if you know what to look out for.

1) General Outlay Of The Pool:

It have learned to ask myself whenever I go swimming a key question, ‘Where is the deepest part or the safest part of the pool?’ The safest part of the pool is where it is most shallow. If this is not indicated, I seek out the lifeguard for an answer. It is important you do this, because of the psychological component of swimming. If you are stilling learning the rudiments of swimming, I advice you get into the pool from the shallow side and gradually, depending on you zeal and zest, work your way up to the deeper side. But for good swimmers, you could dive in straight up from the deeper side.

2) Are there lifeguards present?

I have found that one of the danger signs (where death may occur) of a recreational pool is the absence of a professional lifeguard. I guess from experience, I could identify a life guard and if I was not sure, then I simply ask to be shown whom the person is. Initially, I was doing this for fear of drowning myself, but at present, I am confident that drowning is the last thing on my mind. So my desire to know if a lifeguard is present, stems out of my believe that every standard swimming pool worthy of its name, should commission expert swimmers as lifeguards, simply as a proactive measure.

3) Treatment Option Of The Pool:

I remembered once I went swimming, with a couple of friends in a certain pool, and when I dived in I thought the pool had an awful smell. Then it occurred to me that it must be the chlorine levels in the water that was oozing profusely. By the time we got back to our lodge one of my friend had a chemical reaction. Her body was itching badly and on and on…

The water of a pool must be changed daily, and treated accordingly, but make sure that you have no previous reactions to chemical like my friend and if you think the chlorine smells badly then also let the management know. I did just that as we headed home that day.

4) Can’t Swim? Give The Pool Enough Space.

Amateurs and bystanders who obviously are not swimming should not stand too close to the pool, especially if the pool has no platforms or rails to keep persons away. I normally would recommend every person not swimming should stand at least one (1) meter away from the pool side.

5) Safety tit-bits.

Swimming is made safer when you have floaters, mattresses or rubber tyres scattered in the pool. It is made more fun when articles of sports like rubber balls, water sprinkler guns and others are made available.

When next you visit a swimming pool, and a towel, preferably white towel, is not offered to you, request for one. NEVER SHARE TOWELS. Clean off any chlorine debris and dry up your body too. I gather that all these depends on the swimmer’s purse >>> which must never be equated to the his/her health, the foundation of all pool side manners.

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