I was watching one of the episode of a series movie featuring some award-winning Hollywood actors and actress, The Blacklist, where a scientist was experimenting on humans. His aim was to find a way to prolong the life of humans. I think the name of that particular episode was the Longevity Project, if my memory serves me right. While I was on that, decided to tweet a bit a bit. That was when I saw this article, as written by Tunde Ajaja of the PUNCH NEWSPAPER.

Beyond doing regular exercises, eating balanced diet, having adequate sleep, taking less of sugar and adhering strictly to many other prescriptions by medical experts on how best to live long, it appears there is more to that list than imagined. It also has to do with the serenity or quietness of where people live.

A study has shown that one of the secrets to living long and having a sound health is to live in a neighbourhood that is devoid of noise, crime and other social vices. The study pointed out that living in a neighbourhood with a high crime rate could take about 10 years off such residents’ lives. The difference between the rich and the poor has always been associated with their differing income and their material possessions, but it appears there is more if the findings of the study are anything to go by.

In fact, the study, led by Jaana Halonen from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, reveals that living in an area associated with noisy road traffic may reduce life expectancy, when compared to those who live in quiet neighbourhood.

Apart from the beautiful houses and presence of luxury machines that characterise the abode of the rich, the study notes that there are more benefits derivable from living in a quiet and serene neighbourhood.

– Excerpt From Punch News.

It truly makes absolute sense. Lets make the country a better place by keeping the noise level down. This may not make us live forever, but it sure would impact, positively on our standard of living and invariably increase our life expectancy, which is at a low level of 52 years. Give it a try. #keepthenoisedown

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