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Nigerian Medical Association Press Release on the MDCN Governing Board and NUC Incursion Into Medical Training.

NMAThe Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) an umbrella body of all Nigerian Doctors in the country  and in the diaspora. The NMA wishes to observe that the health care delivery in the country is being challenged by the continued absence of the regulatory bodies of health institutions.
The Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria(MDCN) is the regulatory body charged with the responsibility of regulating medical practice and undergraduate training of medical students,  including accreditation of all medical schools, both public and private, in the country. The body is also responsible for the enforcement of disciplinary measures against erring medical practitioners in the country in order to safeguard  lives. The protection of lives is a fundamental human right to which all Nigerians are entitled.
On this note, the NMA wishes to strongly call on President, Muhammadu Buhari, to as matter of urgency, constitute the governing board of MDCN. The government of change must be seen to work within the ambit of the law aimed at gaining back the lost glory.
The NMA wishes also to observe that the Nigerian Universities Commission (NUC) is incursing into medical training in the country. The MDCN and the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria (NPMCN) are regulatory bodies established by different acts of National Assembly and charged with the responsibilities to train medical practitioners at both undergraduate and postgraduate level in the country.  This responsibilities have been successfully executed by the two bodies with Nigerian Doctors being among the most highly sought after through out the world.
The NMA wishes to clearly state that the directives by the NUC via a purported circular by the NUC that the qualification to be a lecturer by medical trainers in the Nigerian Universities by year 2021 will be based on possession of PhD is not only unacceptable to the NMA but also against the act establishing the NPMCN. It should be noted that both bodies are product of acts of the National Assembly. The NPMCN act gives the college the right to award FELLOWSHIP, Diplomas and Degrees that are recognisable for appointment as both Trainer and Specialist.
The products of the college have since been doing that with passion. It is therefore mandatory for NUC to act within the laws of the country by immediately withdrawing the said circular or the NMA will challenge it through all means available within the ambit of the law of our country.
Thank you and God bless.
Long live NMA!
Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria! !
Dr. Mike O. Ogirima
(NMA President)
Dr. Yusuf Tanko Sununu
(NMA Secretary General)


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