I vividly remember my first Christmas as a medical student. Hahaha, the memory still so fresh like it was only yesterday. I still remember how happy and thrilled I felt that I would be going back to home to my family. The distance between home and school was so wide (Lagos to Port-Harcourt) and so was not a journey I would readily embark on, except at Easter and Christmas breaks.

Over the years, I have had to settle for going back home on those two periods, Easter break and Christmas break.

Being a student in one of the best private catholic university in the country, we are always reminded of the importance of Christmas. Christmas is a period when we commemorate the birth of Jesus. It should be a season of love, a season of sharing, a season of giving most especially to those whom may not be able to repay you.

But for a regular clinical student like me, who may be much more preoccupied with mastering the science and art of Medicine, Christmas is a time we should be able to show some more love to patients. Sincerely, it is an opportunity for us to horn our skills.

But this is usually not so, because we are expected to be on vacation. So you can understand my plight, when I conclude that I feel bad been ‘sent’ home, during Christmas. It is tearing a baby from the breast of the mother while it suckles. Getting home, but for the love care and tenderness, I am further plunged into a state of limbo – I cannot be overtly happy and overtly sad, at the same time!!!

This year is my last year as a clinical student!!! It is a major milestone for me, having put over 6 years of my life into learning medicine from the foot of the masters. The after effect of this Christmas feels like it’s going to be a lot different from other years. It may just be that the status of a social media doctor may come in earlier than I expected.

christmas greeting


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