Take your time a think about the topic. I have always wondered why the hospital setting is almost always so tense; to the point when it is palpable. A hospital have professionals working in there as well as administration or management directly overseeing to the day to day running of the hospital. It can be quite interesting and dramatic. I heard a story of how a male doctor almost slapped a nurse while on rounds.

He was a Senior registrar in that facility and had asked for a nurse to follow him on ward round; since the consultant had called in and said he would not make it to work. She refused to join him in the rounds and had rather rained abusive words on him. He was way past his calmness-threshold and had decided to teach her a lesson. So, the patients were oppotuned to see a doctor practically chasing a nurse around the ward to give her a good beating. Fortunately or unfortunately she was saved by some patient’s relatives, who prevailed on the doctor to forgive her.

The matter did not end there. The nurse’s association decided to treat the poor doctor as an outcast. His prescription orders were neglected. It actually became a big matter and it drew the attention of the management of the hospital. Doctors in the hospital passed a vote of confidence on their victimized colleague… and the same happened on the nurses’ end. The matter carried on for months before both individuals who were involved were sacked by the Governor of the state.

The two profession have been at their neck, since the last time I can remember. This is historic. The work environment should be serene, without tension, where all professions respect the other. A place where each professional knows his limits and stick to those limits unless when, directly or indirectly, specifically invited to add to the overall interest of the hospital.

All this while, no patients, present on the day of the event, were called in to serve as witnesses to the the truth.

Most government hospitals have had one or two similar event recorded in their facility. This is especially in government owned hospitals. How can it be that there is no one final authority in the hospital.

The management, the doctor or the nurses; who is truly in charge of the hospital. We may just be losing it all!!!


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