Tips Every Woman Should Know To Achieve A Successful Pregnancy – Dr Ikpe Ronald


    The normal and healthy process of pregnancy brings great profound emotional and psychological changes for both parents.

    Once you miss a period, you may be pregnant. Even if you have checked with a home kit, you should have it confirmed by a health professional. Pregnancy is a journey from preconception up to the moment of delivery. Delivery is not just the coming of a baby, it is the birth of a mother, father, siblings and probably an entire generation.

    Pregnancy itself is also a scary situation where you are open to a lot of advise, suggestions especially from mothers, mothers to be, baby sitters, grandparents amongst others. You are told a lot of things to do most of which may be dangerous especially to your growing baby. Always listen to the professionals.

    Pregnancy should be made to be a positive growth experience for expectorants. It is a time to draw on and develop support systems. Talk to other pregnant women, take antenatal classes. Read books on pregnancy. Assess your lifestyle in order to optimize your health for you and your baby.

    Here are a few tips to a successful pregnancy:

    A) Take folic acid throughout your pregnancy. They help prevent birth abnormalities in your baby.
    B) Avoid chemicals that could possibly harm your baby.
    C) Fruits and vegetables, milk and grains are a must for a healthy pregnancy.
    D) Taking vitamin supplements does not eliminate the need for a balanced diet.
    E) All women of child bearing age should be immunized against tetanus. It can kill young children and the newborn.
    F) If you have a chronic illness like diabetes, epilepsy…work with your doctor to stabilize it as much as possible even before you get pregnant.
    G) The quality of foods you eat before and during pregnancy affects your baby’s health as much as any single factor. Eat right.

    Talk to your doctor today as the list is endless!

    Written By Dr Ikpe Ronald, CEO MRI Medic Consulting Ltd


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