Have you met somebody who has not had a bath in one week? Ok, what about two weeks, or a month? Gross, right!!! Then imagine a man who has not taken a shower for 12 years. Lol.

Think of the odour, the colour of his skin. It can be unimaginable. But this is real. This is the life Dave Whitlock has chosen for himself.  Whitlock, a chemical engineer and MIT grad, believes instead that restoring good bacteria to the skin is a healthier option. He believes that our ancestors enjoyed this bacteria, and that it has slowly been stripped away by excessive cleaning. Whitlock intended to prove his theory, so he helped found AOBiome, a company based in Cambridge, Mass.

The company created a product called Mother Dirt, a spray containing live bacteria that is sprayed directly onto skin twice a day. The product has no odour and feels like water.

Whitlock does not shower and he is hopeful that others would join him, precisely a billion people.

Bloomberg reports that Whitlock smells perfectly fine, and his skin looks great. Whitlock discovered that this bacteria converts sweat’s urea and ammonia into good bacteria with anti-inflammatory properties.

Photographer: Brea Souders for Bloomberg Businessweek
Photographer: Brea Souders for Bloomberg Businessweek

I hear company plans to cut down your dependence on conventional products like shampoo, deodorants, bathing soap etc.

Imagine that one product that is able to give almost the same effect like all your personal effect products, put together. So cool!!!



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