The Red carpet started off in earnest, with invited guests, visitors, performers, partners snapping away as the Masters of Ceremony and On-Air-Personalities welcomed all to the first edition of the Nigerian Student Health Professional Event.

Now To The Night…

Indeed, it was a night many attendees and participants will not forget as contestants battled for the prized crown. By the time the event came to an end, Mr Charles Chukwu (a Medical Laboratory Science Student) came top and claimed the title, Mr Nigerian Student Health Professional and Miss Angela Nnalue (Medical Laboratory Science Student) claimed the title of Miss Nigerian Student Health Professional.

See more Photos from the event;

First Row (L-R); Mr Joshua (Public Health), Miss Gladys (Nursing Science), Miss Angela (Med. Lab. Science), Mr Charles (Med Lab Science), Miss Gift (Biochemistry), Miss Esther (Nursing Science) 2nd Row L-R: Mr Augustine Ubaka (Judge), Miss Bridget Williams (Judge), Dr Emeka Okolo (Founder, Dr Ikpe Ronald (Judge).

More Photos Below;

Other winners that emerged from the event are;

Miss Gift Aguiyi – Winner Face of DoctorsQuarters

Miss Gladys Nwagu – Winner, Beauty ‘N’ Brains Nigerian Student Health Professional

Miss Esther Ogboi – Winner, Ambassador DoctorsQuarters

Mr Joshua Ahmedu – Winner, Health Advocate Nigeria Student Health Professional


It start out as a concept in the minds of the organizers. Medical Colleges in Nigeria harbor a huge quantum of talents, skills and resourcefulness. It only followed that when a platform is created for these ‘gifts’ to be exhibited, interest spikes and it turns out to beat expectations.

As a brand that started out with medical and health students as a target audience, have since continued to provide some form of student oriented service. This was what led to the launch of the #FaceOfDoctorsQuarters online reward program, some two years ago.

It was totally limited as an online best photo reward program.

This had produced two sets of winners… Students and Professionals serving as a shiny beckon of hope for all to see… They include

  • Mr Augustine Ubaka, Public Health Officer and an Outstanding Master-of-Ceremony Personality. Winner Face Of DoctorsQuarters 2016.
  • Mr Godswill Ossai, Student Nurse… Winner Mr Nigerian Student Health Professional 2016/Face Of DoctorsQuarters 2016
  • Miss Jenita Ojeh, Optometry Student and Model… Winner Miss Nigerian Student Health Professional 2016/Face Of DoctorsQuarters 2016

According to the Founder, Dr Emeka Okolo H, The Nigerian Student Health Professional Event is platform created to show the other side of Colleges of Medicine in Nigeria. With the numerous gifts, talents, entrepreneur nature of students, there should be a platform for them to showcase themselves, network with like minded individuals, learn new skills that would make them grounded health professionals that Nigeria, and the world, needs.



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