I have been itching to break this news to you, our esteemed readers. But some how, I have been unable to post this GOOD NEWS, because of the Owerri -Port Harcourt Road. Yes!!! I had to make a trip today on that road, to the Imo State University. I literally spent my whole day on this road; this was worsened by the fact that our bus broke down on that road. But this account would be for another day.

So imagine the anxiety that I have been placed in. So do pardon me for bringing this post very late.

The Good news is that DoctorsQuarters.com is to begin a promo that would be of major benefit to loyal readers. It is tagged HEALTH DELIGHT’. 

This program was borne out of an inspiration I got from an elderly patient who could not afford the payment of her medications. After the consultation with a doctor, she stood along the corridor, since there was no fund to buy her drugs. Then she made a statement that pierced me and got me to think of this program:

She said, ‘If only I had credit to call my son, he would have sent me money’.

So it occurred to me that, a lot of people need health information, and may have it, but may not have enough money to access the sites like this one, on the internet.

This is where I would try to step in!!!

HEALTH DELIGHT involves recognising and rewarding only loyal readers, who play an active role in issues about health via social media, but may be limited by subscription to the Internet. The individual would have to be able to show that information gotten on this blog was shared with others or was put to use.

Since this program would be running weekly, only readers who are loyal would get the full package and benefits…

Sharing of any post written by DoctorsQuarters.com approved writers would be a major highlight in our assessment criteria. I notice that most readers comment on our Facebook group page or on our Fan page. Our readers would have to comment on the blog to be a winner.

The lucky individual would stand of getting the following;

  • A chance to, directly or indirectly, receive free medical /health advice or counselling from any of our experts.
  • Also, since the winner may be one who is versed with the use of social media, we would give a monetary token to the winner, to aid in continued subscription to his or her chosen service provider, either MTN, GLO, or popular providers.
  • Thirdly, and this would be at the winner’s request, he or she may be featured on DoctorsQuarters.com

NB: For now, this programme is open to all readers resident in Nigeria alone. Depending on when approval would be granted, then we would widen the scope to include people of all country.

Since we are kicking off effectively from today, the first winner of the DQ Health Delight, is our Personality For This Week… He is Chibuzo Onyesoh John. 

Congratulations once again to you Chibuzo…

To claim your package, 3-in-1, you should send in your comment on this page, then we would contact you. Use this rare opportunity wisely!!!



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