Hello and Good morning . Today I would be discussing the difference between a working class woman and an educated woman and the impact on their children. Normally people would say they are the same but no, they are different. Now let’s look are their various meanings.
The working class (also labouring class and proletariat) is the people employed for wages, especially in manual-labour occupations and in skilled, industrial work. Working-class occupations include blue-collar jobs, some white-collar jobs, and most service-work jobs. The working class only rely upon their earnings from wage labour, thereby, the category includes most of the working population of industrialized economies, of the urban areas (cities, towns, villages) of non-industrialized economies, and of the rural workforce. Most women fall under the working class.

An educated person or being educated is having learned a lot at school or university and having a good level of knowledge.
After looking at their different meanings, let me state their differences. A work class woman always goes to work that either starts at 8am and ends at 4pm to 10pm depending on the nature of the job and regularity and punctuality is required of them. Most of them form a better part of the feminist. On the other hand, an educated woman is one who has attained certain level of knowledge either by attending school or university. Some few of them form the housewives who either have businesses or they are self employed or not.
What impact does this posses on their childern?

1. A working classwoman with working hours of over 9-14 working hours would hardly have time for her childrenand even her husband but an educated woman is always available for her family.

2. Learning begins at home. The primary source of all knowledge ranging from morals to spiritual,emotional and even physical. Fathers may not and are not usually around but it’s the woman’s duty to be around the children to teach them the basics of life. When she is not around and doesn’t even have a well mannered house help or maid or nanny who is educated enough to help the children do their assignment and teach them the necessary things, children then resort to bad habits, disrespecting , procrastination,late sleeping etc. An educated woman is around to help her children in their needs.

3. Children desire attachment to their parents. When they come back from school and they can’t tell you about their ordeals or problems in school, there is a problem. On the other side the parents come back late at night to see and be with their children , the children try to get closer to their classmates and friends and of course, peer pressure,premarital sex , drug abuse can easliy be found amongst them. And their parents for years might not even know because they were not paying attention.

4. Bringing up a child spiritually, covers for others. A family that prays together, stays together. If the parents are able to join in morning and evening prayers with their children. Their is a better chance of togetherness.

5. Provision of needs and wants. At different stages there are different levels of needs and wants. But children want all. And of course would ask the mother. The mother on the other hand in her busy schedule would agree so that she would have her time back and so would the child but that isn’t always the case. Accepting to give and not to give,gives the child moral lesson on reality. An educated woman would ask and ask and if its important that you get it, she gives or vice versa.

6. The closer you are to your children , the lesser it is for them to lie to you If your are not around to study and understand them, you would fall a victim of thier lies and in some cases extortion.

Some ladies and women would see this and say that “so i should be housewife after my degree and masters eh? God forbid”. I didn’t say that. A man desires a woman who would take care of his children as he provides for the family and not work all day and all night and even more that. And when you come back, you go straight to watching news and you are off to bed to rest for then next day. But then, try and have time for your children. Talk to them , ask them questions , answer theirs, teach them what they need to know. And they would look to spending those precious minutes with you every day. Even if you have a good house help, be there to connect if not, the person with the better connection to the children in some cases wins the heart of the husband. Create time to cook for them, hangout, amongst others. A man is the sole breadwinner of a family if he is not, he was either unlucky or unfortunate. But he would want to be the man even though he is the one at home caring for the children, don’t rub it in too much other wise you lose all.


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