Surgeons are known to be skillful with a surgical blade. After ruling out other non invasive options, ‘going in’ may be the next option. After some years as a postgraduate student, that is being a resident doctor in an approved centre, surgeons take on the task of, literally, healing by hacking.

I know most people believe that once you present to the consulting room of a surgeon, you must undergo surgery. This is as it is false as it it true. For patient to be taken in for surgery, then the patient has shown certain indications or would have met certain criteria for that surgery to be done.

Surgeons are trained in the science, and art, of causing/creating a wound and ensuring that the would heals. There is no surgery done, that is without appropriate surgical instruments. With a vast knowledge in clinical anatomy, most surgeons execute procedures to near perfection, depending on experience, years in service, and expertise.

Most wounds created by surgeons eventually heals by primary intention. This simply means that, the line of cut heals, with very little or no complication from the site. Also, they ensure that those factors that enhance the healing process to a wound.

So the next time you see a surgeon, remain assured that whatever wound he may create/cause on you would heal completely.

This is the hall mark of a Surgeon!!!




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