SPECIAL POST: In a country where health is elusive, where holistic healthcare is not easily within reach for majority of the population, where myths and superstitions still reign in the health decision making process in most households, where the healthcare providers seem distant from the patients or client; 1Health comes in to bridge the gap.

1Health is an Information Technology company with a team of dedicated intellects, specialised in diverse areas of health. It serves as an inter phase, where clients/ patients could leave a message, call in and get prompt professional advice on the go.

1Health is a virtual meeting point, an Internet  community, where a rare opportunity is available to meet with Doctors for consultations, referrals, counseling, off-hour visits, and home visits. The services are endless… endless possibilities.

With its official debut yesterday, signing up into the community have already began. Signing up enables you to access 1Health verified doctors data base, to get answers for any and all health conditions that you need answers to. Secrecy is utmost in the operations of 1Health.

This is the main deal you really need. I assure you that you have never seen this kind of effect before. CLICK HERE to register and get your login details. It is that easy!!!




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Dr. E is a Medical Doctor and Writer. He received his Medical Degree from the Prestigious Madonna University, Nigeria and certifications from multiple other internationally recognized bodies including YALA-Aileen Getty School of Journalism as a Citizen Journalist. He currently practices clinical medicine but also creates and develops medical/health content for organizations. He is the Principal Writer and Editor-in-Chief for DoctorsQuarters.com


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