Short Stories Series: Doctors Value A Good Christmas Too…


    I strolled from the call room to the ward to review a patient. It was around six o’clock on Christmas morning. On getting to the ward, I turned left and saw a toddler tottering towards me. Though I saw her mother following her, my eyes were more focused on what the little girl was carrying.

    I observed carefully as she drew closer and noticed her mother was smiling; I broke into a smile.

    I starred at Esther as she recited “Merry Christmas Doctor” after her mum and then handed a beautifully wrapped gift to me, I received the gift, lifted her into my arms and thanked them profusely.

    Esther was set to be discharged after being on admission for four days. I was glad she was fine after receiving her treatment. Her mother was glad too.

    Esther’s mum really did well. She brought Esther early to the hospital when she was not comfortable with her health. She did not tread the part of keeping her at home; trying all kinds of ‘unprescribed’ medications. Though she did not have much money on her when she presented, she was able to pay for initial treatment with that which she came with. That saved Esther. She did not wait till her monies were big before bringing her daughter for treatment. Esther’s mum had an emergency savings which she kept for emergency situations. It was from that money that Esther’s initial medical bills were footed.
    There is something Esther’s mum did again, she did not argue with the medical experts while her daughter was on admission, though she is well trained; she simply observed and asked questions when necessary.

    In less than 24 hours, we would be in 2018; our attitude to health should be better. We should create time to take care of our health and encourage quick response to the hospital. Sitting at home and managing symptoms should not be encouraged. The monies must not be big before we present to the hospital. Our Emergency savings should be taken seriously. While in the hospital, allow the professionals do their work while you observe and ask questions when necessary. Announcing your degrees or your connections may not be necessary. Just calm down and let the medical professionals treat you.

    2017 has been an awesome year and I thank you for making it good. God bless you.

    As I write this, I have some unfinished but very interesting short stories I will like to share with you. Fortunately, all four of them will be ready by January 2018. I expect to write 200 more before the end of 2018. This stories will be medically oriented short stories- I know you will enjoy reading it.

    Among the stories I will be releasing by January is ‘A month and a day’, A story revealing how a serving senator was shot in the abdomen by unknown men while attending an occasion which had the Governor, a political opponent in attendance. The events which followed will interest you for sure.

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    Get ready for 2018.

    Dr. L.B.D AGBO from Facebook.


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