Many people are still confused about s3x during pregnancy. It is absolutely normal and healthy till you are uncomfortable doing it. So, s3x is still in the picture when you are pregnant but the problems occur when your normal positions may start feeling uncomfortable as your belly gets bigger with time.

This post is also for matured minds, especially those who feel this knowledge would not affect their personal beliefs and convictions, but who want to simply keep their marital lives aflame.

So here are some s3x positions to try while being in your comfort zone.


This position helps to keep his weight off your belly. You both lie on your side and your bodies create a V-shape. You can keep a pillow for your back support, with both your legs over the hips of your partner. You will feel more relaxed and comfortable in this position.

Woman on top

You can try this position all through the nine months of your pregnancy. Sit on your partner while he is lying on his back, this will let you take control of the depth of penetration. And sitting like this will also not put any pressure on your baby bump.

On the chair

This position is the most comfortable and intense one, because you are able to embrace your partner more tightly. Sit on your partner after he sits on the chair taking the support of the backrest. Make sure you position the chair near a wall or any other support which you can use as a support later when you get up from the position.

Side by side, from behind

Lie on your bed such that your partner is lying down facing your back. Keep some pillows where you think you need support. Penetration in this position can be a little shallower but that’s good as deep thrusts can make you feel uncomfortable towards the end of pregnancy.

Edge of the bed

If you want to feel the thrust, then this is the position to try during your pregnancy. Lie on your back and come at the edge of the bed such that you can bend your knees while resting your feet on the floor. Your back should not lie flat, so keep a pillow. Your partner can adjust himself either kneeling or standing according to the height of the bed.

Reverse cowgirl

You can use more energy while you are in this position as your partner can support your back by holding you from his hands. After your partner lies down on his back you can sit on him such that he faces your back. Your baby bump will get the support of his thighs and you can also hold his legs for your support.

Precautions: Oral s3x

Mostly oral s3x is safe during pregnancy. But your partner should not blow from his mouth as this may cause air embolism which can be harmful for you and the baby. Air embolism is the blockage in the blood flow due to the air bubbles in the blood vessels. These air bubbles are created when your partner blows into your genitals while oral s3x.

Bleeding after s3x is not normal

Cramping during s3x or orgasm is normal during pregnancy but if you see any spotting or bleeding after s3x, it’s not normal. If something like this happens, you should immediately consult your doctor. And if your doctor advises you to stop having s3x, then you should abide by it rather than taking a chance.

Sexually transmitted infection can affect both men and women. If it’s undiagnosed, it can cause problem during pregnancy as the infection can pass to child from mother. Using latex condoms is a good idea to avoid any complications.

Not every woman likes to have s3x when she is pregnant due to the low libido, which is the result of hormonal imbalance, though it mostly gets normal after the first trimester.

Source: Daily News


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