breaking-news-screen-26292171The Association of Resident Doctors National Orthopaedic Hospital Enugu held an emergency general meeting on the 7th of september 2016 to review the response of management to its demands following expiration of the 21 day ultimatum issued on the 16th of August 2016.

This was the outcome of the meeting…

That the management of the National orthopaedic hospital Enugu has shown high level of insensitivity and unwillingness in resolving the issues outlined in their ultimatum which include:
a) Implementation of differential taxation against resident doctors only in the hospital thereby extorting resident doctors in order to pay its outstanding debt owed Enugu state board of internal revenue.
b) Non-remittance of monthly pension deductions and accrued interests for more than 2 years and consistently failing to explain the where about of the pension deduction despite several correspondences on the matter.
c) Non- payment of promotion arrears to ARD members whom their promotion was delayed for no obvious reason having met all the criteria for their promotion.
d) Non-payment of updates sponsorhsip which are the pre-requisite for continued training and eligiblility for exams for both colleges.
e) Improper placement of ARD members in the staff clinic
After extensive deliberations, congress unanimously resolved to proceed on an indefinite total withdrawal of services with effect from 8am on Thursday 8th September 2016
The ARD-NOHE vowed to continue to resist all forms of discrimination, intimidation, oppression and victimization of her members.


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