The country is once again confronted with the disruption of effective health care delivery because of another round of industrial strike (indefinite) by members of the National Association of Resident Doctors. This once again brings to the fore the inefficiency in the administration of health in our dear country, no wonder the country remains 187/190 in WHO ranking and most major donor countries and agencies have withdrawn their aids and assistance to the country because of lack of judicious use of funds and aids extended to us as a nation.

We as major stake holders have cried out severally to the government and people of this country, the threats of strikes and actual strikes and protests have not changed the wicked position of the cabal that has vowed that effective, efficient and affordable health care delivery will not succeed in this country. We do not know why it is difficult and impossible for the Presidency to beam its searchlight on the administration of health in this country. We have come to a conclusion that these individuals are “sacred” that cannot and must not be touched, so they eet away with any and all impunity.

Members of our association through our national bodies, NANNM and the JOHESU have several memorandum of understanding, agreements including valid court judgments which these cabal in the FMOH and its collaborators in its parastatals and the other government Ministry and Agencies deliberately refused to honour. Often times our demands are treated with levity and tagged inter-professional rivalry rather than being objectively reviewed.

It is often very convenient for the FMOH and Federal Ministry of Labour (both headed by medical doctors) to ignore ultimatum given by these bodies and issuing the threat of “No Work No Pay” while NARD, a non labour organization is pampered if not over-pampered. 

We once again call on the Presidency, the Senate, House of Representatives and the good People of our great country to declare a State of Emergency in the health industry at all levels so that the rot in the industry can be holistically looked into with a view to pragmatically resolving issues that bothers on health administration, practice, headship, representation, benefits and welfare of all stakeholders in the industry. A healthy nation is a wealthy nation.

While we are not opposed to the government resolving its issues with NARD, we are quick to add that the resolution of the issues in contention with members of the NARD will only open up a chain of industrial actions by other unions/associations in the health industry because their issues Pre-date those of the NARD but which the powers that be in the FMOH and Labour have left unattended to, despite court judgments.

For the information of government the unresolved issues to which the FMOH and Labour have been put on notice include;

1) Chronic shortage of both general and specialist manpower in Our various institutions

2) Inadequate provision of medical consumables and services in an attempt to Promote PPP for personal and selfish reasons

3) Stagnation/Redesignation/Demotion of our members contrary to 2012 & 2014 NIC Judgments on career progression and skipping

4) Stoppage/Non-Restoration of payment of Teaching Allowance to our deserving members on CONHESS 7&8 despite enabling circular

5) Non-Payment of arrears owed from 2011 till date in most hospitals

6) Non-Payment of uniform allowance owed from 2008 till date in some hospitals

7) Non —payment of arrears of Relativity Allowance to our deserving members 8) Non deduction and non-remittance of union dues by some hospital managements

We will like to recall that our Union through our National Secretariat (NANNM) has engaged the FMOH and Labour and other relevant Agencies severally on the above issues appealing


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