Pfizer Officials With The Oba of Lagos
Pfizer Officials With The Oba of Lagos

In continuation of its relentless campaign against one of the world’s most deadly blinding disorders, Glaucoma, Pfizer has urged Nigerians from all walks of life to utilise their unique platforms to help in informing and creating public awareness about the disease.

Poised to reduce the huge statistics of Nigerians living with Glaucoma the visit was geared at enlightening the Lagos Monarch and his chiefs on the initiative stating that Glaucoma is the silent thief of the night, making the call during the visit to the Oba of Lagos, Oba Rilwan Akiolu, in his palace, the Director of corporate Affairs, Pfizer Nigeria and East Africa Region, NEAR, Mrs Margaret Olele, said it was important that the right information and awareness about Glaucoma be disseminated.

“Meeting the Oba Rilwan Akiolu of Lagos is a major landmark for us, and we are doing more of this to give hope to patients, because a voice like this gives us hope.

OBA 1949

Olele noted that as many advocates they have in the conversation around Glaucoma, the terms of awareness and prevention, adding that the stronger voices the better the outcomes so we need the voice of strong advocates like the voice of the Monarch, to propagate the information and the importance of screening and prevention of the disease.

The Secretary, Glaucoma Patient Initiative Care of Nigeria, Mrs Otule, stated they were at the Oba Palace to bring to the fore the plight of the Glaucoma Patients and seek for more awareness about the eye disorders and the need for collaborative efforts to stem the tide.

In her view, Nigeria, and the world at large, requires serious advocates that can share their experiences to let people know and give them hope.”A voice like this gives us hope that things can happen and things are possible and the only thing are possible that Glaucoma can be prevented if detected early.

OBA 1968

In his comments, Oba Akiolu who declared that he managed Glaucoma for more than four decades said the way out was regular screening and a healthy lifestyle. He said Glaucoma does not occur with readily noticeable symptoms that cause irreversible blindness. Commending Pfizer gesture, he said:

“Glaucoma is not curable but is controllable.

“I am always telling people to have their eyes checked regularly at least once a year.
Creating awareness is necessary to enable people know about the need to take proper care of their eyes and to prevent the complications of Glaucoma.

Olele stated “The West do a lot of screening, actually in the area of non-communicable. Pfizer is pushing out screening on cardiovascular diseases, and now we are including Glaucoma to the list. We are doing a lot of screening in partnership with Opthalmologist/Senior society of Nigeria.


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