The supremacy battle between the medical practitioners and other health workers seems to be degenerating.
Doctors and dentists have vowed to reject any laboratory results not reviewed and interpreted by pathologists.
Pathology and medical laboratory science professions are related but the job descriptions, training and responsibilities differ.
The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) in statement signed by its president and Secretary, Dr. Kayode Obembe and Dr. Adewunmi Alayaki respectively NMA will not tolerate any encroachment in any medical or dental arena as no doctor or dentist will submit his/her practice to any other health professional regulatory body other than the MDCN and the relevant state ministries of health.
They therefore stated, “Doctors and dentists are hereby cautioned against using pathology services laboratory results not reviewed, interpreted and reported by pathologists thus guaranteeing reliability, safety and assuming responsibility for outcome of use.
“Laboratories that do not have permanent or visiting pathologists are to be avoided as much as possible in the interest of patients and the public as quality and safety can hardly be guaranteed. The same applies to Radiology where there are no Radiologists.”
NMA explained that “It’s only the pathologists that have the training and mandate to situate and connect the biological samples and the patient.”
The doctors also suggested that “this is the time for the National Assembly to hold joint probes into what has shattered the peace of the public health sector.”
NMA in its statement also called for reconstitution of the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria “so that appropriate regulatory activities can be effectively executed in line with the legal provisions, and malpractices and other breaches of its Codes of Ethics sanctioned accordingly.”
By: Vincent Ikuomola, Abuja
The Nation News


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