NMAThe Nigerian Medical Association held its 3rd NOC Meeting at the its national secretariat on Monday 11th July 2016, amongst the many resolutions reached was to direct her legal advisers to study the Fellowship and PhD debate and challenge the NUC in court
The NOC also resolved to have an administrative staff of the NMA who is to serve as liaison officer in the national assembly to monitor health and health related activities in the national assembly
The NOC also deliberated on the issue of Dr Mustapha Bature (Lt), the military personnel involved in sexual abuse case and dismissed by a court martial, NOC observed that the decision of the military tribunal which is equivalent to a high ocurt is still awaiting ratification by military council. The NOC therefore decided to await the final verdict to avoid contempt of court processess before any further action.
Other resolutions reached include:
>>>The NOC resolved to continue with international obligations of image making and commended PMO for wonderful outing during ANPA conference in Las Vegas, Nevada
>>>On NMA land, progress is been made with regular appearance of our lawyer in the court. The NOC thanks past president Dr Omede idris for standing in as witness in the court on 4thof july 2016
>>>An investment/ cosultancy services committee of the NMA is to be presented to NEC for adoption. The committee is to be charged with responsibility for developing proposal for consultancy services to be carried by NMA and look for investment opportunities for NMA in order to improve revenue base
>>>The need for a retreat between NMA and DMS of all the states ministry of health was extensively discussed and it was resolved that this should be conducted as soon as posssible through the instrument of FMOH
>>>The universal health coverage was discussed and it was agreed that ll efforts be done to operationalize the national health act so as to assist achieving UHC. Members are encouraged to familirazie themselves with the provisions of NH Act 2014. To this end NMA Enugu chapter has been mandated to adapt making national health act operational as the main theme of enugu NEC
>>>On adjusted CONMES: The NOC has adopted two prong approach in the pursuance of the universall applicability of adjusted CONMESS through coordinated National committee and State branches. Modalities of this approach slutl be made known to incoming State officers.
>>>On states’ Elections: it was resolved that the process of state electins must be completed on or before 28th of July, 2016, The NOC will uphold its constitutional mandate of acting on behatf of NEC in between NEC meetings to dissolve any state branch that fails to conduct election within the period stipulated by the constitution and to constitute a care taker committee for any erring state branch
>>>It was agreed that a retreat be organised for incoming state chairmen and Secretaries in order to develop a common front in confronting numerous challenges bedevilling our Association and foster understanding of smooth running of their offices.
>>>On the NMA games: It was resolved that the games will be an annual event and Sportss Committee Chairman wouLd oversee and coordinate the games.. Hosting. right should be by competitive bidding among states, The bid for the organization will be at every August NEC and the games will hold in February of each year States are therefore called upon to bid for hosting right during the Enugu NEC.
>>>On the new scheme of service for doctors; it was resolved that the process started by previous NMA NOC should be followed to logical conclusion in the spirit of continuity- IL was directed that a Letter should be forwarded to the Permanent 5ecretary of Ministry of Establishments before the next meeting of the National Council or Establishment coming up on 22nd July 2016 The President is also requesting to address the Council



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