The Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association just concluded it’s  52nd Annual Congress which took place between 16th -20th November, 2015, at the Convocation Arena, Rivers State University of Science an Technology, Nkpolu-Oroworukwe, Port-Harcourt, Rivers State.

The Theme for this year’s event was, ” Providing Holistic Solutions to the Staggering Nigerian Economy: Challeges and Opportunities for Veterinarians”

At the end of the Congress, a communique was issued that stated amongst other things, a call to action to the government, professional veterinary doctors and other citizens directly or indirectly.


1. Government at all levels to seize the opportunity of the present state of the economy to fully execute policies and strategies that will facilitate poverty reduction, job creation and promotion of livestock value chain addition in order to reduce foreign exchange expended on importation of livestock products and provide required support towards self-sufficiency in Local Production.
2. Government especially at the state level to employ at least five vetinary Doctor in every local government area.
3. The National Assembly to review the existing obsalete Vetterinary and related laws that have tended to impede disease control efforts, proper operation of abattoirs and development of modern livestock enterprises.
4. Nigerian Government to key into PARACON Target of eradication of Rabies in African Countries by 2030.
5. Government to Provide opportunities for Vetinarians and other professionals in the Livestock sub-sector to utilize their skills in the crucial role of income generation and job creation to help in addressing some fo the socio-economic challenges facing the country.
6. Veterinary Professionals to exploit new frontiers of Project financing by the Government, non-governmental organisation and development partners as pivots for expansion of agricultural enterprise, value chaiin addition and employment generation to complement government efforts.
7. Veterinary professional to be committed, dedicated, creative and adhere to professional ethics and provision of the veterinary Oath.



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