In pursuance of its statutory responsibility, National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) has directed all Health Maintenance Organisations (HMOs) to obtain letters of non-indebtedness from all Healthcare Providers on their network, as one of the prerequisites for re-accreditation of the HMOs

Health care providers are advised to fully cooperate with the HMOs, and issue the letters of non-indebtedness, using the approved template as given to the HMOs.

Management of the scheme also cautions that any Health Care Provider that issues a letter of non indebtedness to any HMO with indebtedness overhanging on it, would be stopped from complaining afterward to the scheme of any debts owed it by the HMO within the relevant period.

Furthermore, healthcare facilities accredited for secondary services, which stand-alone, and are not sub-sets of accredited primary providers (eg community pharmacies, laboratories, optometry clinics, dental clinics etc), that are owed fee for services rendered, should forward such complaints to the respective HMOs, providing sufficient details of their claims, which shall include but not limited to; name of HMO, authorization code, date, services provided, amount owed, etc

A copy of such complaints should also be forwarded to the scheme and is to be received not later than 2nd october 2017

Dated at Abuja, this 9th Day of August 2017


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