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This is a public notice announcement to all practising Medical Doctors and Dental Surgeons. The Medical And Dental Council of Nigeria has reviewed upwards the annual practising fee of practitioners.

I got this message in Medical World Nigeria.

The new fees are as follows;

a) Practitioners of less than 10 years post graduation will pay N10,000 (Ten thousand naira) only as their annual practising fee.
b) Practitioners of 10 years and above 10 years post graduation will pay N20,000 (Twenty thousand Naira) only as their annual practising fee.
This review takes effect from renewal for 2017 annual practising license.
Courtesy: Medical World Nigeria
Courtesy: Medical World Nigeria
The medical and Dental council of Nigeria by this public notice, reminds ALL MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS, DENTAL SURGEONS AND THEIR EMPLOYERS that the Medical and Dental practitioners Act Cap M8 laws of the federation of Nigeria, 2010 requires that all practitioners pay thier annual practising fees before the beginning of each year to be eligible to practice legally.
Failure to comply with this requirement is a contravention of the law for which the doctor concerned and his employer would be liable to prosecution.
Doctors are to pay thier practising fees into the Treasury Single Account (TSA) through the councils website (, or (CLICK HERE) to see new payment guidelines, after they must have update their records on the council’s registration portal.
Dr A. A Ibrahim, DSc.,mni


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